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“Encore!” Bunting’s Book A Terrific Read

“Let go of the outcome of the future and allow yourself to live in the mess of the now.” Page 87,  Let’s Write a Short Story!

Joe Bunting’s ebook Let’s Write a Short Story! is a terrific read. It’s designed as its own encore: Read it; use it; refer to it:

     – First, read it for pleasure;
     – Second, use it as a workbook, completing the writing assignments;
     – Third, use it as a reference book for future submissions and for inspiration on those days when you’re laying face down on the carpet praying for God to remove the writing gift from you.

At 152 pages including appendices Let’s Write… is full of wisdom, from the pragmatic to the spiritual. It covers the act of writing and the desire to tell stories with deliberate humor and a level of expertise that makes the writing crisp and very readable. It focuses on the fiction writer and isn’t just a “blog three times on the ceiling if you want me”* book. The author provides magazine suggestions, links, checklists, and examples of the technique he refers to. It’s all just incredibly well-written and useful.

Read the book, use it, refer to it. Join the crowd of us who have gathered together at http://letswriteashortstory.com. Follow author Joe Bunting’s blog at http://thewritepractice.com.

Heed the wisdom of published authors like Hemingway, who is quoted on letswriteashortstory.com as having said

                  “If I were alive, I would read this book.”

And mostly, write your story!

*I couldn’t resist the reference to Tony Orlando and Dawn’s “Knock Three Times (On The Ceiling If You Want Me).” I apologize.





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On Manure

“They say the seeds of what we will do are in all of us, but it always seemed to me that in those who make jokes in life the seeds are covered with better soil and with a higher grade of manure.”          Ernest Hemingway, A Moveable Feast

Hemingway understood manure because he was a writer who understood country things. City people do not use the word manure because manure is a country word. They use a profanity instead of “manure” because they don’t understand it and have no respect for it.

Country people are familiar with manure and many understand and respect it they way you respect things that are necessary and useful. It might add a burden to your life but you respect it, like your third grade teacher who makes you memorize your multiplication tables.

Cow manure mulch is the most common garden-fertilizer because it is inexpensive and works very well, though I have a friend who earns part of her living as a gardener and she refuses to use any manure except alpaca manure that she has to drive a ways to purchase at a small town in the foothills. Sometimes we are too particular with the things we care about.

Hemingway was very particular about his writing. He understood manure as he understood many things and could write well about them, but this ability did not seem to help him in the end.

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Hemingway “A Moveable Feast” Reissued

Turns out Simon & Schuster have issued, as of July 14, a reissued work by Ernest Hemingway titled “A Moveable Feast.” Here’s the entry from the page http://www.timelesshemingway.com:

“Ernest Hemingway’s 1964 book, A Moveable Feast is being reissued on July 14, 2009. Billed as the version “Ernest Hemingway intended,” the book contains a foreword by Patrick Hemingway and an introduction by Sean Hemingway.”

My favorite quote from the book, though not necessarily my favorite part, is “All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know.”

Here’s a youtube.com video issued by Simon & Schuster:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2YUYIeBDyI


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