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What Eagles Never Bear

We’re watching the Decorah Eagles again this year ( and it occurred to me that there are certain things eagles will never have to bear:

SPAM: no eagle has ever

·         been offered the chance at penile enlargement

·         needed a belly fat blast

·         been offered a work-at-home strategies to make a six figure income

·        been offered a chance to date eligible black-white-gay-straight-men-women-blondes-brunettes

·         been told to vote no on prop 29

·         been told to vote yes on prop 29

·         been advised to help the president win reelection

·         been advised that it will be curtains for the free world if we do not defeat the current administration and replace it with a new president.

MEMORY LOSS: no eagle has ever

·         misplaced his keys and had to call his spouse to let him in the house

·         forgotten to mail the Netflix video back

·         forgotten to return the library book so often the librarian knows him by name and calls him when it’s close to time to return his materials

·         burnt dinner on the stove because he forgot the burner was up on high

·         forgotten the name of the woman at church who just introduced herself

·         misplaced her reading glasses

·         forgotten to put the perishables back in the refrigerator so the milk curdled overnight

·         left her coffee in the microwave until the next morning.

FAMILY OBLIGATIONS: no eagle has ever

·         missed his parents

·         loved his sister

·         shared his fish with his brother

·         prayed for his siblings

·         laughed at anything at all.”

I’m glad we’re not eagles.



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An Eaglet Is…. Homely

“A thing of beauty is a joy for ever:

Its lovliness increases; it will never

Pass into nothingness; but still will keep

A bower quiet for us, and a sleep

Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.”

From the poem “Endymion” by John Keats

A brief glimpse of the Decorah Eagle eyrie this morning showed it covered in snow, The Papa securely tucked in the middle of the nest, and the Graylings (aka the three chicklets, Peep, Peck, and Poo) nowhere to be seen. Comfort is found in this second year of waiting for the eaglets to fledge, where we know that the chicks are just fine no matter the weather, and no matter how hard nor harsh they will never be abandoned by the Mama and the Papa, faithful and true.

Could we live in a world where poetry was the only adequate method of communication? A world in which everyone talked like Falstaff or Shylock, or the prophet Isaiah? Where everything was important and no word was allowed to fall casually to the ground and giggled at? No such thing as “whasssup!” or “booyah!” or “sock joy!”?

No, I prefer to live on the outskirts of that literary town; where just saying “weiner steam” out loud makes us laugh, where poetry is held in high regard, and where the eaglets huddle under The Papa’s protective breast feathers, high atop an eyrie in the middle of an Iowa winter.

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Battle? Birth.

Bare battlefield,

Home to naught but wind through grass and trees.

Knowing not what is to come Only that it will come;

God’s creatures as He made them: best and worst.

Sunlight now. God’s gaze on dew. Warming bones chilled during cold night’s preparation.

Knowing not what is to come, Only that it will come.

Agincourt? Iowa.

Men? Eagles.

Battle? Birth.

“…and I was daily his delight

rejoicing in his inhabited world

and delighting in the children of man.”

 * * *

Join us for a new season with the Decorah Eagles. The nest is ready. The Mama and The Papa are ready. The eggs are coming: The camera is on:

Delight in greatness, and the events that call us to be our best:

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