Here I Stand!

Nearly all of us choose to work rather than become wards of the welfare state. We have an obligation to be happy where we are, and chances are good that in order to earn a living we need to spend a significant amount of time working.

The best of jobs can be made crummy by someone who should never ever be allowed to have authority over another person. Ever. Yet what do we see in the workplace? I’d venture to say over ninety-percent of those in leadership positions are at best incompetent and at worst cruel.

But we choose to work, and more often than not, wind up working for that ninety-percent. What to do?

First, discover what is true, then uncover the right thing to do.

Let’s say these three things are true:

1. We have an obligation to ourselves and our fellow man to be happy (or at least act like it until we are); and

2. Many if not most of us are working for somebody who is just this side of the troll who crawled up from under Billy Goat’s Gruff’s bridge (and the only immediately noticeable difference is that he wears a tie to work); and

3. We are not being physically abused.

Now what?

Do this: Stay put. Don’t cling to it as if you are a victim of work-abuse. Choose to stay.

Know that there are good and legitimate reasons to do so. (And there is every possibility that you can be happy there, too.)

Homework assignment: list one reason staying in your job working for the troll makes good sense. Consider reasons like “it pays well,” and “dental insurance,” and “I think the cute engineer down on the first floor likes me.”

Next post: a discussion of our obsession with work utopia.

Want to read ahead? Pick up the book Quitter by Jon Acuff. Read the first chapter for free here:


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