Cats For Old People

Gracie Hiding In The Christmas Tree

After Dad graduated from Chemo-University Mom agreed to fill the house with kittens again. For a year, after their old cats had gone the way of all old cats they had kept the house bare of creatures; Mom had enough to do caring for Dad.
We leaped into action and discovered that the organization most likely to provide new healthy kittens refused to even talk to old people because they considered kittens too “rambunctious” for the elderly.
Apparently a lifetime with cats in the house and younger family members in the form of adult children living nearby should anything go amiss was not enough to persuade them of the wisdom and need to have rambunctious furry things in the house.

So, in God’s providence, two cats were discovered in a box outside a grocery store, if I remember the story aright, and Gracie and George arrived in all their English Blue Shorthair glory. I’m not actually sure that they are English Blue Shorthairs but they look to be purebred somethings and this is close to what they look like.

George enjoys climbing into the cabinets above the counter and eating the butter straight from the dish. I think he dips into the sugar bowl, too, but we have no evidence of that; the butter stays on his face after he’s done. He climbs up on the counter and steals the toast, but only after it’s been covered with jam. He is particularly fond of cinnamon rolls, but will suffer to eat eggs, bacon, nearly anything edible as long as it’s been prepared properly. He leaps to the counter and has off with it before you can say “George!” then drags it to the kitchen floor and shares it with Gracie, who has the grace to stay on the floor where cats belong.
Gracie and George have systematically eaten every houseplant down to the root; there is nothing living in the house except those plants big enough to survive the onslaught. They have pulled all the crystal off the window box above the sink. They prefer to sit in the kitchen sink and wait for the water to be turned on so they can take their refreshment.
Mom and Dad pretend to complain about them yet every phone conversation begins with “George and Gracie did…. ha ha ha!” And though their food bill has increased as if they had teenage sons in the house, they haven’t been this happy in a couple of years.
What seems like wisdom is often foolishness. (But don’t leave the bacon on the counter at Mom and Dad’s house, not if you want it there when you turn around.)


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