I Have A… Mixer: Update

Not quite the “I Have A Dream” speech but for me, it’s huge.

I have a dream, yes, I do, of serving an exquisite selection of baked goods and tea to people who want the best, at the best price, served quickly.

I needed a mixer that would overcome the fact that I can’t knead bread anymore (I could I suppose but it’s painful, and why do something that hurts?). Being financially prudent, I’ve been pricing KitchenAid mixers, setting aside websites and waiting for my tax return to arrive so I could take $350 or so and plop it down on a KitchenAid mixer that’s so huge and heavy it looks like one of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse. Power. I love the idea of that kind of machinery in my kitchen.

A couple, Mark and Dawn, who are in my Financial Peace University class heard my cry for a KitchenAid in one of our classes where we shared our dreams. “We have one that somebody gave to us” Mark said. “Do you want it?”


I spent yesterday cleaning and scrubbing this left-in-the-garage KitchenAid mixer. He stands next to my coffee maker on the counter (and he’ll stay in that spot because he weighs 30 pounds and it took all the strength I had to carry him from the garage upstairs to the condo). I think I’ll name him “Mr. Bunter,” after Lord Peter Wimsey’s valet. We’ll see.

I expressed my dream in public, as crazy as it sounded, and was given a $300 mixer. Coincidence? We think not.

Be inspired as I’ve been, with a 24-minute interview of Seth Godin, talking about being remarkable (and courageous enough to share your dream ideas). Here:  http://upmarket.squidoo.com/2012/02/08/we-are-all-weird/.

UPDATE: The mixer blew just a few minutes into the dough. It was looking beautiful, all fluffy and twisty, then “grrrrrrrr….” and silence. Gears stripped. Took the back off to see if I could uncover something that might be tinkered with. I refused to just concede defeat. Returned the back plate to its original position and now it won’t even turn on. It’s sitting by the front door awaiting a ride to the dumpster.

On to KitchenAid for a new one, the next larger size! And about $400 more expensive than free. Coincidence? We think not.


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