What If It Were Safe?

“Knowledge is fuel for action. If it’s action you want, share everything you know.” Simon Sinek

Discovering your giftedness isn’t (necessarily) about finding your ideal job. Discovering your giftedness is about living a better life because you’ll understand what success, joy, and contentment look like in your life, and no one else’s.

People invest themselves in an activity only when it’s safe. Safety in the workplace most often leads to joining some version of the what-I-don’t-get-paid-for committee. The most creative conversations take place in the smokers-stand-here square of concrete outside the back door at the north end of the building. Most of the deep laughter occurs in the committee and the break area. Because they are safe.

What would you invest yourself in at work if it were safe to do so? (This isn’t meant to frustrate, but to inform. You need take no action.)


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