Enjoyable Christian Fiction

The God Whom Moses Knew by J. Roger Nelson, M.D., is a fictionalized account of the Bible story of Moses leading God’s people out of bondage to the promised land. The author writes

“Believing that there is great drama in the early pages of the Bible that is not available to the vast readership, but that is of considerable value in trying to understand God and His relationship to us, I have taken a portion of the revered text and fleshed it out, all the while being careful not to alter the biblical facts” (7).

This he did very well, in a way that is both entertaining to read and true to God’s word.

It helps if you have a penchant for Biblical fiction in the first place, and the book is clearly intended for believers or for friends of believers who may be asking questions about this God we serve. But anyone who enjoys a good story–and God’s redemption of the Israelites from captivity is a great story–could enjoy the book, as it is well and clearly written.


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