Don’t Believe It

By the time we reach fifty most of us have decided not so much that we can’t do anything differently but that we don’t have the energy for it. “Sure, sure, it’s a new season” we say when someone encourages us to start that business, write that story, start that exercise regimen. Intellectually we believe that we are capable of changing our lives for the better and many of us even argue toward that end, but how many of us actually do it? Nobody.

When I was much younger and less aware I scared two of my friends so badly skiing that they both quit soon thereafter. They were beginners and I taught them the basics and they learned so well that I thought going to the top of Big Chief was a good idea. They had the skill to get down easily, but looking down the hill terrified them to the extent that they couldn’t execute what they’d learned. My exhortation to just “do what you did on the baby slope” fell on not just deaf ears but ears roaring with the blood of panic.

So I’m marginally hesitant to encourage anyone to learn the basics and head up to the top of the steep and deep and just do what you learned in the comfort of your current life. But not hesitant enough to do it.

Today I’ll leave you with just one thought: Your life can be very, very different from the life you lead now. It can be fuller, richer, closer to what God intended you to be when he created you lo those many years ago (before Time began, dear ones). It really can.

Don’t believe the “I can’t” and “I don’t really want to” messages in your head. We’ll talk about how to step back from ourselves and decide what is true, then we’ll know what’s right to do. Stay tuned, stay open.

(I almost titled this post “Fabulous At Fifty” but it was so sugary it made my skin crawl.)


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