Dad’s Challenge, Woman’s Hope

The 21-Day Dad’s Challenge: Three Weeks To A Better Relationship With Your Kids, edited by Carey Casey, CEO of the National Center For Fathering, a Focus On The Family resource published by Tyndale House, offers a concrete challenge and plan of action for men who have decided to become the fathers God made them to be.
Each day is an essay written by Carey Casey, Josh McDowell, Tony Dungy, and others who by dint of their relationships with their children and families and their experience and expertise in family relational matters have much to offer the aspiring father. The “days” are chapters that offer specific advice such as making fatherhood fun, doing what your kids want to do, being there for your children, admitting when you’re wrong, how to be encouraging, unforgettable, strong, and in short everything God made man to be and everything a man’s children and wife wishes him to be.
There are no surprises in the book. It is designed to be very task-oriented, each day/chapter ending with a man’s challenge and his plan, where he fills in the blanks of his own life and his own steps toward a better relationship with his children. The book closes with Bonus Challenges on listening from Dr. “Coach” Gordon, and affirmation by Dr. Ken Canfield.
This book is not for the man who is uncommitted to making his relationship with his children better in every way. It is a practical guide for the man who wants to commit but may not know which steps to take. This book offers those steps.
I received a copy of this book at no charge from Tyndale House in exchange for a review.

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