P = A+I+E

Bob McEwen created the original formula for assessing a political candidate’s worthiness for office: P = I+E, and he described it “Politics is as easy as P.I.E.”

P = I + E means Politics = Integrity + Economics.

Integrity = Morality + Character.

Economics stands for the free market economic system as described by Ludwig von Mises or Milton Friedman.

In McEwen’s system in order to be eligible for elective office a candidate must have demonstrated good character, high morals, and a commitment to the liberty of the free market capitalist economic system. The formula is a good beginning but I amend it to add one thing before all others, and that is Affection. It doesn’t quite fit the algebraic pattern but to say it would be “Politics is as easy as A P.I.E.”

Before I will consider anyone eligible for elective office they have to demonstrate affection for America and her history and culture. Great leaders such as Winston Churchill or Margaret Thatcher or here at home Abraham Lincoln or Ronald Reagan have all had a fondness for their country and their countrymen. The fondness came across as kindness and tolerance and winsomeness, no matter how spirited the debate or deep the intellectual divide.

Politics = Affection for America + Integrity + Economics.

P = A+I+E.

(Great thanks to my seventh grade math teacher, a man with red hair and beard who looked exactly like Vincent Van Gogh, with both ears intact.)

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