Suspenseful, Encouraging, and Worth Reading

The Betrayal by Jerry B. Jenkins is the story of Chicago police officer Boone Drake’s shooting, recovery, and subsequent discovery that a highly ranked police officer is responsible for the crime. With Drake are his newly-discovered love, Haeley, her son Max, Drake’s supervisor Jack Keller, and a small cast of believable characters. This is the first book I’ve read of Jenkins’ Precinct 11 trilogy, the first of which, The Brotherhood, was released in February 2011. The final book in the series, The Breakthrough, is due to be published in 2012.

It is competently written, and about halfway through you discover you’d much rather finish the story rather than put the book down, which is an accomplishment no matter how prolific a writer (Jenkins has over 160 books to his credit). Dialogue, action, and plot combine for a realistic story, with the brief exception of the denouement when the group confronts the man responsible for the crimes. This brief exit from believability does not detract from a fine story and an interesting team of characters.

There is some action in the book, but it is primarily the movement of characters to a predictable, comfortable, and happily-ended plot. Christians can take particular pleasure in the normalcy of the Christian characters, who live and move and breathe just like everyone else, with the exception that God is their guide in all things.

This book and I suspect the entire series would be appreciated by anyone who enjoys a moderately suspenseful, well told story that ends well. It would be enjoyed most particularly by young men of eleven or twelve who are in particular need of male role models who are not criminals, do not wear fourteen pounds of bling around their necks, and know how to speak proper, if American English.

This book was given to me at no cost by Tyndale House publishers in exchange for a review.


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