I Am A Person, Not An Attraction

We’ve let the culture put a wall between individuals on the issue of sexual attraction. The culture has decided that Christians, of which I am one, hate “homosexuals.” Because the culture has decided that I hate people whom I do not hate, I am robbed of the opportunity to engage another human being in a discussion of the things most important in life, namely our desperate need for forgiveness and salvation.

Makoto Fujimura is an excellent painter, writer, and founding elder of The Village Church in New York City. The Village Church has written a statement on homosexuality that is the best and most complete and true statement I have seen. The statement begins:

“The Village Church feels compelled to apologize, on behalf of the Church at large, for the demonization of homosexuality and the shunning or rejecting of any individuals for their same-sex desires. We affirm, in the strongest possible way, that those of us who are heterosexual in desire are not more righteous or more entitled to the grace of Jesus Christ than those of us who are homosexual. Nor are heterosexuals in less need of that grace.”


The fifth and most important of all the paragraphs if we are to reject the cultural expectation that we’re supposed to hate each other reads, in part

“We believe that it is dehumanizing to compel anyone to found his or her identity on sexual desires. So we resist efforts to coerce people into labeling themselves as “gay” or “lesbian” just because they have same-sex attractions. We harm people when we make the nature of their sexual attraction their identifying characteristic. Rather, all of us can find healing and direction through more deeply understanding and affirming our genders as women and men.”

“We harm people when we make the nature of their sexual attraction their identifying characteristic.” This is the key to reestablishing the human dialogue between us as individuals.

The entire seven-paragraph statement can be read here:  http://www.villagechurchnyc.com/homosexuality/.

So let’s talk, you and I, about our mutual need for forgiveness, for salvation, and for God’s eternal and complete love. Because we are people, not attractions.


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