Expect Emotion, Expect Encouragement


 Expect Beth Moore’s So Long Insecurity Leader’s Guide to provide an environment for women to share their insecurities and encourage each other to forsake wrong ideas, attitudes, and feelings and believe in God’s promises. Do not expect the Leader’s Guide to be a Bible study, by which Beth Moore has developed a wide following. The book is grounded in Scripture but is biblically superficial in its approach. The Guide sends us back to Scripture over and over again, asking “what hope can we find here?” The emphasis is on encouragement and hope rather than theology.

The chapters progress in a logical manner, from identification of problem insecurities, their source, recognition of insecurity’s ill effects, finding God, making sure we can hear God’s promises, relying on God’s promises, and moving outside ourselves and into God’s promises for our future. Week five marks the turning point, moving into solutions to the problems identified in chapters one through four. Week 6 focuses specifically on men and their own insecurities, particularly the fear of failure.

Expect the Guide to be practical and detailed. It shows the group leader what to read, prepare for, say, and do throughout the meeting and throughout the week. Expect Beth Moore to offer an on-site leader’s workshop at the Houston Living Proof Ministries location in the future.

The Guide discusses false positives, imposter syndrome, and other wrong-thinking and its effects.

Recommended for fans of Beth Moore who wish to meet with other women and, guided by Beth Moore, listen to and encourage each other with God’s promises and practical psychology.

I received a copy of the Guide free from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review of the work.


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