“Let There Be Light.” BANG!

   We all come at the truth by different roads, but truth is still truth. Many people have to understand the facts of Jesus’ divine work before they will investigate further.

   “There is no intellectual road to God. The only way that we know God is by way of his revelation. It is not a mathematical formula that brings us to faith, but it is His amazing grace…. God, I think, is quite happy…. to cater to our intellectual integrity, but not to pander to our intellectual arrogance. He does not invite us to remove our brains and put it under the seat in order that we might come to faith. But it is as Augusten said, ‘faith, seeking understanding.’” Alistair Begg

“You will never get to grips with the message of Jesus from the safe distance of detached curiosity.” Alistair Begg

   My dad wrote his testimony to me yesterday. The full text is below. Dad’s an engineer, and a scientist (as a hobby, no less). He is a prime example of the truth of God’s word, and the validity of the statements above by Pastor Alistair Begg.

Dad’s Testimony: “Let There Be Light.” BANG!

“Here’s the stuff on science and on why I believe in God:

   “The science is definitive in that the universe was created by the “Big Bang” about 14 billion years ago.  This phenomenon made possible the creation of the stars and the planets. Earth was created 4 billion years ago.  Merely 150,000 years later, life appeared on earth. The unique combinations of the comparisons of the half lives of two of three elements give us this data with remarkable accuracy.

   “Consider this:  In one millisecond of time after the initial ‘Bang,’ the universe cooled enough to ‘condense out’ matter and anti matter.  In that initial fraction of time, matter and anti matter, “quarks” and “anti quarks”, collided.  It would be expected that this process would be symmetrical.  But,  if the process had been symmetrical,  matter would have been annihilated and a photon created and the universe turned in to pure radiation. 

   “But, there was an asymmetry.  For about every billion pairs of matter, one extra “quark” was created.  That “quark” makes up the mass of our universe.

   “The universe’s rate of expansion is still measurably close to the initial critical rate of expansion at the moment of the “Big Bang” .  If the expansion rate one second after the ‘Big Bang’ had been smaller by even one part in 100,000 thousand  million million, the universe would have collapsed on itself way before now.  If the rate of expansion had been greater by even one part in a million, stars and planets could not have formed.

   “The way that the universe expanded after the Big Bang depended on how much total mass and energy the universe had and also on the strength of the gravitational constant.  The fine tuning of each of these physical constants cannot be explained.  There are 15 physical constants whose values are unpredictable.  They are a given value.  They are what they are.  They include the speed of light and gravity.  

   “One physicist wrote “… Why did the universe start out with so nearly the critical rate of expansion that separates models that re-collapse from those that go on expanding forever, that even now, 10,000 million years later, it is still expanding at nearly the critical rate?”

   “Not only is the existence of the universe very improbable; the formation of the elements is even more unbelievable.  Protons and Neutrons are held together in the universe by a strong nuclear force.  A slightly weaker force would have allowed only the formation of universal Hydrogen.  If the force had been slightly stronger, only Helium would have been created instead of the initial 25% that has allowed the stars to create the heavier elements.  This nuclear force appears to have been the ‘exact’ force required to create Carbon.  If this force had been only slightly stronger, any Carbon would have been converted to Oxygen.  Life on earth would not exist.

   “The existence of a universe as we know it is just wildly improbable.

   “The same improbability occurs in the formation of the heavier elements.  If the nuclear force holding these elements together was only slightly weaker, then the universe would be pure hydrogen.  However, a slightly stronger nuclear force  would have converted the universe’s hydrogen to helium.  But 25% of the helium was allowed to form early in the Big Bang, and this allowed the fusion furnaces of stars and their ability to generate heavier elements to be created.  Added to this the fact that the nuclear force appears to be tuned just enough to allow the formation of Carbon.  Had that force been even slightly more powerful, all the Carbon would have converted to Oxygen.

   “Many believe this was a remarkable accident.  Others believe that a Divine hand was involved.  I subscribe to the latter.  The reason being that there is too much evidence of the existence of a moral structure that guided civilizations long before the advent of the formal religions; that this structure was simply there and was recognizable to civilizations.  So much so, that their societies and societal law were organized around this structure.  It is called the law of right and wrong; or natural law.  C.S. Lewis called it the “Moral Law”.  According to C.S. Lewis, elements of this law can be found in every ancient society.  He suggests that the skeptic go to the Library and read some of the Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics. What is found is a massive unanimity of the practical reason in man.  From the Babylonians to the Aussie Aborigines, there are the “same denunciations of oppression, murder, treachery and falsehood and the same injunctions of kindness to the aged, to the young and the weak, of giving, of impartiality and honesty.”

   “It is easy for the scientist to conclude from these miracles that a Creator existed from the beginning and before time.  That is why I’m a believer and a Christian.

   “If God exists, then He is supernatural.  If He is supernatural, then He is not limited by natural laws.  If He is not limited by natural laws, then there is no reason He should be limited by time.  If He is not limited by time, then He is in the past, the present and the future.”


Your Father


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