Declaration Entertainment: Help Make the Movies You Want to See

 The official launch date isn’t until Independence Day, but the Declaration Entertainment team of Bill Whittle and Jeremy Boering are already hard at work taking Hollywood back for Americans like you and I who are disgusted with the garbage being produced there now.

 For two years they’ve honed the idea of “citizen producers,” you and I investing in an organization that makes the movies we want to see, and involves us every step of the way:

 From their website:

 “Empowering Everyday Americans
Declaration Entertainment is a revolutionary movement that empowers everyday Americans to declare their independence from Hollywood and become Citizen Producers who help finance movies that represent their values.

 Traditional American Values
Declaration Entertainment is dedicated to making the kinds of movies Hollywood used to make – Movies about Freedom and Sacrifice, Hard-Work and Self-Reliance, Faith and Family.  Movies that promote love of country, highlight the heroism and valor of our exceptional military, encourage entrepreneurism and invention, and defend the fundamental values that made America great.

It’s not enough to Abstain
Many Americans have become so discouraged with seeing their values continuously attacked in movies that they simply do not watch them anymore.  They think that if they deprive Hollywood of their money, they will force a change in the content that gets produced, but modern Hollywood does not need your money.  Complex financing strategies based largely on foreign pre-sales ensure that the pump of anti-Americanism keeps flowing.  And even if you are not watching, studies show that America’s children are consuming over 1,500 hours of film and television a year…”

For as little at $9.99 a month you can be a part of this exciting idea. If you’re not ready to invest, I suggest you head to Pajamas Media to watch and listen to Declaration Entertainment’s co-founder Bill Whittle.

Bill’s blog:;

Bill’s TV appearances on PJTV: “Trifecta” with two other gentlemen (Stephen Green of and Scott Ott of; the “Afterburner” series, and many national security and other specials, such as his trip to Guanatanamo Bay to encourage the soldiers there. Learn about Bill’s heart for America. You will be encouraged, perhaps enough to join Declaration Entertainment. I have.


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