“The Heart Mender” – Sweet Story Well Told

Andy Andrews tells a sweet story of forgiveness and redemption. Helen and Josef are discovered fifty years later by the artifacts they leave behind of a life they wanted to remain hidden. And remain hidden it did, until Andy cut down his wax myrtle tree and found the artifacts in a can, buried in the sand. His curiosity gets the better of him and despite other commitments he goes in search of the lives responsible for the ribbons and medals and pictures he’d found.

 The story is also historically interesting, telling the tale of U-boats inside the Gulf of Mexico during WW II. It is the best type of historical fiction that can weave real events with fictional characters.

 The book has a study guide with questions at the end, and could be suitable for a casual small group study of the themes of forgiveness, redemption, and respect which run throughout the work.


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