Pesach – Cleansing The Heart

I listened to Israel National Radio this morning and the hosts of the radio show were calling their friends and asking them how their Pesach (Passover) cleaning was going. I was surprisingly moved by the answers people gave while behind them family noises clattered and banged and barked the continuing cleaning process.

Observant Jews are required to clean their homes of all chametz (leaven) for the Pesach celebration. The physical cleaning is extensive and often families go outside to eat for the last few days before the seder (Passover meal) so that no chametz will inadvertently make its way back into the home. The cleaning is also spiritual, and this I did not know. They clean their hearts of all spiritual puffed-up-ness, or pride, that would interfere with a holy relationship with God.

 The application of the heart-cleaning to my preparation for Easter is obvious and compelling.


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