Christian Encounters – Winston Churchill

The Christian Encounters book “Winston Churchill” by John Perry is an easy and compelling read at 158 pages. It is the first book of this type that I’ve read, and the first by this author. It almost demands to be read at one sitting. The author cites his references at the back of the book, and based on this I feel confident of the accuracy of the details he includes in the narrative.

 I did not enjoy the book, for two entirely personal reasons. First, I am not objective on the subject of Churchill. Because I see him as a great man it was difficult to appreciate why the book repeated the details of the meals Sir Winston indulged in, or the fact that though he drank all day he was never drunk, or how expensive were his cigars. Virtually every time the book included a positive quote by Churchill, at least two other quotes were included which gave the opposite and always negative view. Again, my bias made this unpleasant reading. This trend diminishes significantly during the WW II years, and the book ends on a positive note by saying that Sir Winston was brought “… to a hero’s end.” Second, my understanding of his life suggests a stronger Christian faith than is portrayed. I might be wrong, but why, then, was a book on Winston Churchill the maybe-sortof-Christian included in a Christian Encounters series?

 This might be a good book for someone who has never heard of Winston Churchill and wants a good quick overview of his life. It would be a good introduction to the man and might serve as a catalyst for further study of this truly great man.


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