Keeping Off The Streets

A young man came to my door last night selling candy. His name was Derek. He gave his sales pitch that he was selling candy so that he could stay off the streets and out of trouble. It was a cold night and when I said to him he must be cold he said that he was from Iowa. I guess 50-degrees isn’t cold in Iowa.

He was a lovely young man, kind, and a little embarrassed that he was selling candy door-to-door. I got what money I had and came out on the deck and gave him the money. Three dollars. Not enough to buy the giant sized candy bars, but enough to give him some encouragement.

I asked him if he was going to college and he gave the name of a local community college. “What are you studying?” Rehabilitative medicine, or something like that he said.

I told him he could do or be anything, that this was America. He nodded and smiled, we shook hands after he told me his name for the second time, and he walked across the deck and down the stairs.

My heart ached when I went back inside because I wanted him to succeed so badly. He’s trying to keep off the streets, away from a life of crime, drug addiction, and hopelessness.

And the only thing that stands between victory and hopelessness is a box of candy? I think not. The only thing that stands between victory and hopelessness is Jesus Christ.

Derek is now on my prayer list.



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2 responses to “Keeping Off The Streets

  1. Myra Leicester

    And on mine. Good for him. And good for you, Kathy, for giving him encouragement. The Lord is truly working through you.

  2. Kathy

    Thanks, mom.

    I’m reading Justice Thomas’ memoir, “My Grandfather’s Son,” and it is a profoundly good read. I wish I’d had it when Derek visited, I’d have given it to him.

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