Klavan’s “Long Way Home” – Compelling!

I’ve read one other book by Andrew Klavan (his most recent “Empire Of Lies”) but this book, “The Long Way Home” is the first book of the series “The Homelanders” that I’ve read. This is book two of a three-part series. The third book is due to be published in November 2010. (It might be good to wait until November and the publication of the third book before you read this one—you won’t have to suffer the agony of waiting for nearly a year before you find out what happens.)

 There is no table of contents, which works well for this story. It’s delivered in Parts (1 .3), with 29 total chapters. The narrative reads exactly like Mr. Klavan talks when he tells a story (see pjtv.com for his 5-part ghost story from Christmas 2009). The timing and intonation are compelling to the point where you’ll lose sleep if you start to read it at bedtime.

 The foundation for the story is good vs evil, and the story makes clear, in an unobtrusive way, who and what is good and who and what is evil. There is no foul language in the book, and the relationship between the hero and his girlfriend is handled with delicacy and authenticity.

 In summary, it’s a beautifully crafted story, suitable for young adults particularly and any adult who likes a good solid mystery tale. Do be sure to pick up the first book of The Homelanders series, “The Last Thing I Remember,” and make a note to pick up the third book in the series, “The Truth Of The Matter” come November.



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2 responses to “Klavan’s “Long Way Home” – Compelling!

  1. anna brown

    OMG!!!!! these are the best book EVA!!! i read “The Last Thing I Remember” last june and ive been dying for the second book. i got it and i LOVE it!!! i read it in one night! i dont how il survive till NOVEMBER!!! aargh!!!!!!!!!!!

    ooxx-hugs and kisses


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