Great Book for Junior Achievement

“Obstacles Welcome” is the only book by the author that I have read; it is one of many I’ve read concerning success principles and leadership and management techniques. It is a very quick and easy read, and to my mind suitable for an 11- or 12-year old thinking about their future, and perhaps involved in a Junior Achievement program.

 The author’s use of “Takeaway Messages” at the end of each chapter is well suited to a reader who doesn’t yet know how to gather information from a book (as opposed to reading for pleasure); an immature reader who the author wants to make sure secures the wisdom offered in the chapters.

 I believe the author missed an opportunity to make his remarkable history the backbone of the story. He arrives in America, is adopted by his surrogate parents, and voila! There he is a successful executive. That is the central theme of the story—“How I Act As A Successful Executive.” While this is surely worthy, and of value to the audience mentioned above, it was not what I had expected or hoped for.


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