His Walk Is Different

“His walk is different.”

My friend and fellow believer, John, has a friend named Paul. Paul is also a believer, and an almost-major in the USMC. He’s currently deployed on a ship in the Persian Gulf. Or, rather, he was deployed, until his wife became pregnant and he flew home on emergency leave.

Paul and his wife have been trying for a third child for awhile, and recently his wife discovered she was pregnant. The joyous news turned tragic when the doctor told her that the child would almost certainly either die before it came to term or would be stillborn. The doctor strongly urged her have an abortion. She refused. Then, two Fridays ago, she miscarried. Paul was notified and (after stopping at airports on virtually every continent on the planet via MAC hops) arrived home.

After Paul returned he told John these stories.

“When I found out that Joanna was pregnant,” said Paul “and the doctors were urging her to kill the child, I came back to my stateroom on the ship and shared it with my roommate. He’s a major who’s also a believer. He didn’t do what we usually do—‘oh, I’ll pray for you’—he prayed for me right then and there. Then he left me alone in the room to pack my gear for the trip home.

“A few minutes later he comes back and says ‘before you leave, come to the mess hall.’ Why? ‘Just do what you’re told, you’re not a major yet’ he says.

“So I finish packing and head for the mess hall. I open the door and there are 10 guys there, all believers, and one empty chair. ‘Sit down’ says my roommate.  I sat down and these hard core Marine warriors prayed for me, prayed for my family, prayed God’s will over my life—they covered me so thoroughly I felt it all the way home. I can still feel it. God and I were toe to toe all the way back, and because of that covering and that time with Him, there’s no bitterness in my heart about what happened.”


After John hears this story, he turns John on to Pastor Alistair Begg, Truth For Life ministries, Parkside Church in Ohio. After Paul figures out he’s the “pastor with the Scots accent,” he nods his head.

Paul says “There’s this guy on the ship, and Parkside Church is his home church. He’s out here in San Diego now, but he was raised up as a believer at Parkside.

“His walk is different from all the other believers on the ship” said Brad. “He is ALL OUT for Christ.”

“Now you know why” said John.


So, Pastors and believers, know that what you do, as small and mundane as it may seem, is having a powerful affect in His kingdom.



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2 responses to “His Walk Is Different

  1. Myra Leicester

    I found this to be very moving. To know that that many people are praying for you; marines or no; I know that tears were shed; marines or no. I can feel the presenceof the holy spirit even as I read this. Thank you, Kathy, for sharing.

  2. Kathy

    I was so blown away by the story as it was told to me that I wrote Pastor Begg to tell him the story, too. You always wonder if you’re having any kind of an impact; whether anyone is listening….

    I guess they are!

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