Sign-Singing Christmas

My sister and I share emails almost daily. Mondays I look forward to it even more than my first cup of coffee. She is an inspiration to me. She’s also one of the funniest people I know. This is today’s email. (This isn’t a particularly funny story, I just wanted to give the context.)

We alter the church a bit for Christmas, we make the stage bigger and move the center section seats back. What this means is that I can see directly across at the deaf people section, and can clearly see them all signing. There’s a woman that sits in front on a stool who signs, and about three rows of people who sign-sing.

Watching the deaf people sing is the coolest thing ever, and they did this one song “Angels We Have Heard On High,” the one that has the chorus that goes “Glooooooooooooooo RIA, in excelsis Deo.” You know the one. Well, during the “Glooooo…” part they sweep their arms up and around to the left, then up and around to the right, and then on the “Deo” they take their right arms up and bring them down in front of their face in a very reverential way. And because all these folks are standing right next to each other it’s like watching synchronized swimming, or ballet, or the bows of the violin section in an orchestra all moving in unison.

It made me want to learn Ameslan. Almost. Anyhow, very pretty and strangely moving.


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