Everybody’s Grandma-ma

We toured the Amish country of northeast Ohio and had the joy of meeting Mrs. Schultzfuss. She had a store selling stamp pads and stamps and things to make cards with. It seems that the Amish enjoy this type of craft, and they make and give cards with frequency. She was really talkative and out of the blue, just after we’d finished making our purchases, Mrs. Schultzfuss pops out with “Would you like to see my home?” “Yes!” we chorused. It’s quite an honor to be invited into an Amish person’s home, and really rare, by all accounts.

We toured all through her beautiful home. The gas operated washing machine, shining wood floors and furniture, even her bedroom was on display. It was solid and simple and she was so humbly proud of her home that we felt very special just being there with her.

God bless you, Mrs. Schultzfuss!

Now, as most people understand, the Amish do not wish to have their photograph taken, it’s prideful and akin to making graven images, which the bible forbids.

We’re at the airport on the way home. My sister Mary whips out a small notepad and in about thirty seconds makes this spot-on drawing of Mrs. Schultzfuss, “Everybody’s Grandma-ma.”


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