Angelina Met A Man

Yes, I, Angelina Holie, while on the trip to Ohio with the Leicester women, met a man. And he’s not just any man, he’s “The Most Organized Man In the World.” He’s just what I need. He doesn’t talk much, but gets the job done. He’s thin, doesn’t eat much, and is very sober minded. He can always be counted upon.

I am so happy.



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2 responses to “Angelina Met A Man

  1. Myra Leicester

    Was I with Angelina when she met the World’s most organized man? If so , no pearls of organizational wisdom have filtered down to me. He is very distinguished, though, I must say. And the picture of my father? on the next page is quite fetching. I really should have started delving into the blog world sooner. Mom

  2. Kathy

    No, I’m afraid not. Their meetings were clandestine. I found them upstairs at Parkside, lurking in the dark and abandoned hallways–but only once. After that they were more careful.

    I’ve got them where I can keep an eye on them now: he’s hanging on the wall in front of me, and Angelina’s sitting on the shelf against the far wall. She does have her bible with her, though, thanks to Uncle Dave and Aunt Mary, so I hope she’s taking the time to actually read it.

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