3-Dimensional Gospel

My mom, my sister and I spent October 9-11 watching Pastor Alistair Begg preach Titus 3. He preached four separate sermons on a passage of scripture that has only three short chapters. How is it that he could preach so much on so little and captivate five hundred people?

Imagine sitting next to him, close, like you’re sitting on a bench with a friend.

“Have you brought your bible?” he asks.

Yes,” you say, and hand it to him.

“Let’s open our bibles to Titus 3” says the Pastor. He opens the bible and instead of words on a page it looks like a kids’ popup book. Dusty stone first century buildings clustered tightly, bright with middle eastern sun; people are moving through the streets shopping and chasing after their kids; Paul is preaching in the synagogue. Goats and sheep are being herded through crowded streets toward the temple or the marketplace. Imagine the bible on Pastor’s lap as a real page of history: living and moving and alive and understandable.

“But avoid foolish disputes, genealogies, contentions, and strivings about the law” Pastor says, reading from Titus 3:9 and pointing at the crowd of people outside the synagogue who are most clearly arguing, apparently foolishly. “You’re thinking people, loved ones, you can see it for yourselves.” We nod, yes we can see it. Show us more, say the five hundred captivated people sitting next to him on that bench.


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