Two Fellow Artists

I met recently two young ladies who have a passion for drawing. They are sisters and their work is very good and shows great potential. It was a privilege to be allowed to review their drawing books. I was very encouraged by it. So encouraged in fact that yesterday I bought them both some drawing pencils, pens, and a sketch book for each.

 The girls are the daughters of my younger brother’s roommate. Becka is the oldest, she’s maybe eleven or twelve. Her sister, Maya may be eight years old. They are delightful girls, all the more so because they’re on their best behavior whenever I see them. Their dad is a delightful fellow as well, so it’s easy to see how the girls have been influenced by him.

 Becka and Maya’s parents are divorced. Outwardly there is friendliness and everyone acts as though visitation and parents living apart and all the trappings of divorce are just fine, normal, happy-happy. A let’s make the best of it attitude. It makes me sad to think of it, and I don’t know why exactly because everyone is fine, just fine.

 But it’s not fine, it’s not how it should be. The sadness came out as a purchase of paper and pens, and a nice note that I’ll add to the package when I mail it. I didn’t know I was so sad about it till just now.

 I’m glad I bought the stuff, it makes me feel better to send a spark of encouragement to two young ladies who, in a better time, might have two parents.


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