Angelina, Day 3 – August 28

Dear Diary:

I am praising God for my bath! How clean I feel, and how fluffy and curly is my hair? Ach, I’m a new angel.

I asked myself the question today, which bible should I tell her bring to the weekend? Pastor Begg preaches out of the NIV; Pastor Jeremiah uses the NKJ. The NIV is a study bible, it’s big and heavy and not well-suited to travel. So I guess it’s better to bring the NKJ. That is what I shall recommend.

Angie and the Bible

For myself, all I have is my Little Bible, the one that evangelicals hand out to little kids. It’s nice, and a comfort to read.


Have you ever noticed how people purposely bring old trashed-out falling-apart bibles to church? Why? Can’t they afford to get a new bible when the old one wears out? If they just asked the Gideons they could get one for free. I wonder if it’s not pride bringing those bibles. A tattered bible says “Oh, look at me, look at how long I’ve been a Christian, and look how much I study my bible. Look at how good a Christian I am!”

It’s not like I’m immune–now that I understand God made me just the way I am, I can be over-proud of my little wings. Sometimes it seems those little wings are what sets me apart from all the other angels. That’s not true. God made me, Angelina, unique from all others. It doesn’t matter what size are my wings, or what kind of bible I bring to church, or how old it is or how tattered.

So to all those people with bibles in need of repair, just get a new one. Start fresh, start a new season. God knows your heart, you don’t need an old bible to show Him, or anyone else.


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