Angelina’s Diary, Day 1: 25 August

Dear Diary:

Day 1 - 25 AugI am weak with anticipation of the upcoming trip home to Seattle, and on to Ohio for the Truth For Life weekend. And yet, I have misgivings. Will I be given a bath before I go–I haven’t bathed since Israel, and that was 2007.Will I be stuffed in a sack and left somewhere to ponder my fate while The Others go to the conference? Will I have a place at the table?

I am hopeful, but not unwise. I have been disappointed before.

More later, I hear her coming.


Angeliina Needs a Bath

NOTE: I found a copy of “Little Ida’s Flowers,” a story by Hans Christian Anderson, here. It *does* remind one of me, yes?



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2 responses to “Angelina’s Diary, Day 1: 25 August

  1. Mary

    Oh my gosh! She hasn’t been washed since ISRAEL??!! No wonder she looks as if she’s been pulled through a knothole!

    (Laughter) Sissy, we need to bring her to the beauty parlor before she meets Pastor Begg- he’d never sign a dirty dress like that! And her poor hair is all flat in the back – yes, yes. A full beauty makeover!! I can’t wait!

    “I hear her coming.” Reminds me for some reason of “Ida and the Flowers.” Do you remember that book?

    • Kathy

      I remember you telling me about Ida and the Flowers, but I don’t remember the story. And I promise I will toss her in the wash, gentle cycle, as soon as I get home. I was so ashamed….

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