Grandpa Leicester

Grandpa Leicester sent Dad out to the ranches in Central Oregon as often as he could. I’ve never heard that he made the trip from Portland himself. He was an accountant. He worked for a welding company for awhile and he’d always bring us home big cylinders of helium that were kept in the garage. We’d spend hours filling up balloons and singing and laughing with those helium-enhanced high voices.


I found his citizenship certificate a few days ago tucked between the Gray family tree and a dozen letters from a sheep farming relative in Tasmania. He was a handsome man, 31 years old when he emigrated from British Columbia, Canada and became a US citizen.

My younger brother, John, looks exactly like him.

It seems important to preserve the details of our family’s history. It’s a great story that continues today, and everybody loves a great story, especially when they’re one of the stars.


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