Fight For Me


“Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle.” Psalm 24:8

“The God of angel armies sounds like the one who would roll up his sleeves, take up sword and shield to break down gates of bronze, and cut through bars of iron to rescue me.”  John Eldredge, “Waking the Dead,” page 160.


We had lived in the Keys a short time and were still trying to become friends with a neighbor across the canal who was a notoriously abusive alcoholic. We’d been invited over for an evening’s celebration of something or other, and with some other neighbors, we walked around the end of the canal and climbed for the first time the stairs to Bob’s home.

The drunker he got, the more he leered at me. Everyone laughed and gave pitying shakes of their head. I laughed, pretending to be good natured about it. I really felt badly for his wife, who was sitting right next to him, and I was acutely uncomfortable. I’d much rather have run out the door than played along with that whole sick game.

Our other neighbors left, leaving myself, my husband, Bob, and his wife. I withstood the leering and suggestive comments as long as I could, and finally stood up and asked my husband if it wasn’t time to go.

Bob lurched to his feet. He and my husband and I walked out to stand at the top of the outside stairs to make our pleasantries. Bob slurred loudly “I love you!” and lurched at me, threw his arms around me and tried to kiss me. My husband stood there, arms at his sides, and did nothing. And said nothing. I pushed Bob away as best I could and walked quickly down the stairs. My husband followed me.

I cried walking around the block, cried up my own stairs, and sat on the living room couch and cried. Finally I asked my husband “Why didn’t you do anything!”

“I didn’t know you needed me to” he said.

Apparently a drunken man twice my size lunging at me wasn’t enough to clue him in that yes, I did need him to ‘do something.’


I am worthy of being fought for. I need to be fought for. And men, the women in your life need you to fight for them as “the Lord of angel armies” and the “Lord Almighty” fights for you.


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  1. Mary

    Just wait until Ohio! If anyone tries to molest you I will beat them into submission. I always knew Mark was a boner.

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