Strong Kisses, Wild Kisses


Near the end of the Chronicles of Narnia story “The Silver Chair,” King Caspian is raised from the dead and welcomed home by Aslan, the Lion who is Lord to all true and good Narnians.

“Then Eustace set his teeth and drove the thorn into the Lion’s pad.  And there came out a great drop of blood, redder than all redness that you have ever seen or imagined.  And it splashed into the stream over the dead body of the King. At the same moment the doleful music stopped. And the dead king began to be changed. His white beard turned to grey, and from grey to yellow, and got shorter and vanished altogether; and his sunken cheeks grew round and fresh, and the wrinkles were smoothed, and his eyes opened, and his eyes and lips both laughed, and suddenly he leaped up and stood before them – a very young man, or a boy…. And he rushed to Aslan and flung his arms as far as they would go round the huge neck; and he gave Aslan the strong kisses of a king, and Aslan gave him the wild kisses of a Lion.”

The strong kisses of a king, the wild kisses of a Lion.  I read that and I wanted so badly to know that kind of joy that the thought of it burned in my chest.  When the two children in the story, Eustace and Jill, discover they aren’t yet allowed to stay and must go back to their world, I understood their disappointment!  I want to be home, too.  I want to throw my arms around the neck of the King of Kings, the source of all strength. I want to feel the wild kisses of the Lion of Judah, the creator of all wildness.

I want to know what it feels like to come home.


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  1. Often the world distracts us from that feeling of longing, luring us away from our Father’s arms with a cheap piece of candy. Then we have days when we come to our senses and realize that dissapointment and discouragement are a gift, for they make us once again long to be home.

    Thank you for th words that help me remember to say thank you for one of those days.

    Keep writing.


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