Fight For Your Heart!



One-legged angry lorikeet at the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park

One-legged angry lorikeet at the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park



The world will try to bully you, discourage you, persuade you

that your heart’s desire is foolishness…

 The World is lying.

Your dreams await you.

But you must fight.

Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.
  ~ Proverbs 4:23

You can buy a small cup of “nectar” for the lorikeets for $3 at a booth just outside the gate to the aviary.  The birds swarm around the people holding the nectar, or at least most of them do.

There was this one little bird hiding on a branch underneath a bush near the fence, way out of sight of the others.  He looked interesting to me, so I proceeded to take as many photos as I could.  I thought he might be lonely, and feel neglected.  Lorikeets seem to have a different opinion on loneliness and neglect;  they don’t seem to mind it so much, and they get annoyed at unwanted attention.  It turns out that this guy only had one leg, and had spent at least some of the time he wasn’t eating picking the feathers off his chest.  He kept trying to move away from me by taking the branch in his beak and swinging his little leg along the branch, sort of like a semi-cartwheel.  It was, I confess, entertaining to watch.  After about ten minutes he refused to move and gave me a sincere angry glare, which is the image I’ve included above.  He was ready to fight, and looked as if he’d been in a few already.  Which is why I included him as the image to go along with the title of this story.


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